It means that

It means that Without it the child remains unorganized and as a result there is an uneasy behavior.

It means that we should change the representations and to consider the newborn not as something separate, and as a unit with mother.

Splashes in noisy behavior at some children with the increased inquiries are caused by loss of influence of mother as organizing factor.

Give to the child the best that at you is Experts in the field of education of children long argued that predoprede behavior of the child natural factors or education.

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How to force

How to force I spent much time with our children, looking The lady and the tramp.

And it was excellent time.

HOW TO PROLONG THE DREAM Our child of two years rises with sunrise and comes to you to a room.

How to force it to sleep longer Through a chink in curtains the beam of the sun gets and awakes your kid.

To find still for an hour or two for a dream, curtain tightly dense shtoto a window frame in a room where the child sleeps.

For children is more senior establish a rule that they, waking up, did not create noise.

Leave a box with favourite toys or even a surprise at its bed that, having woken up, it remained in the room and played with itself.

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It is difficult

It is difficult Any acute disease is capable on any term to leave a trace on mentality of the child, especially chronic.

When the kid as though without the reason is whimsical, survey it.

The reasons can be various from and to worms.

However will most of all wound mentality of children of a condition of their life, that microclimate that you create.

It is difficult to child to take out, when it that tropical, it is sharp talny, and you, as if a magic wand, wives education, and your end result quite often gets bad shot.

Majesty Child!.

All educational mistakes not to count.

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Nuts to fill

Nuts to fillSALAD FROM THE BEET AND Cleared a boiled beet and apple to chop straws or to rub on a large grater, to fill with sugar, lemon juice and vegetable oil.

Beet apples sugar juice lemon ml, vegetable oil g.

SALAD FROM THE BEET WITH WALNUT Beet to boil, clear, cut small cubes.

Nuts to fill in on minutes with hot water then to split, dry kernels in an oven of minutes, to crush and add to a beet.

A feather to disturb, fill with the sour cream mixed with cranberry juice, to decorate with parsley greens.

Beet nuts sour cream juice cranberry g.

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They can buy at all that

They can buy at all thatIt is not necessary to trust dowry preparation for the kid to the relatives, while you in maternity hospital.

They can buy at all that is necessary.

And besides you simply will not know, where that lies.

The first month of the house is time when mother and the kid get used to each other, and it is necessary for woman to feel sure and independent, and inability to find a pure diaper in own house still added to nobody selfesteem.

But what pleasure, without hurrying up, to collect dowry for the baby! Caring of the child even before his emergence, you will already feel a mother.

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